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Heating cables

The solution to prevent build ups of snow and ice on pipes and taps, ramps and walkways, roofs, downspouts, tanks, etc., with heating cables.

Solutions Kit with an easy and quick to install  constant wattage heating cable  for protection against the harmful effects of snow and the build up of snow and ice in domestic and urban equipment and facilities and those used in small agricultural, livestock and industrial facilities. Protection of pipes, ramps, downspouts and any element at risk of freezing due to low temperatures.


2 heating cable technologies:

The constant wattage heating cable
The heating element is the conductor itself which emits heat when powered at 230 V. The cables are formed by two shielded conductors with a high level of reliability and adaptability to all types of facilities. They have a specific range of accessories for the detection and control of temperature, snow and humidity. They offer a very simply way to avoid freezing pipes, ramps and downspouts during the winter.

The self-regulating heating cable
The heating element is the conductive core located between the two conductors. When powered at 230 V, it is activated and deactivated automatically when it exceeds the temperature limits, without the need for a thermostat.
– Easy installation, low installation cost, high reliability in terms of maintaining service temperatures and optimal consumption.
– Safety: the cable cannot overheat as power is automatically reduced when it reaches the desired temperature without the need for a thermostat.


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