The ability of the products and solutions offered in the Anguila from Estiare catalogues to solve problems in the industrial sector makes them ideal for the professional installer as well as for engineering and maintenance departments of industrial facilities and different manufacturing and commercial activities.

Cable laying in large industrial buildings for the installation of new machinery in exposed areas such as those found in the shipbuilding, cement, sugar, steel and automotive industries, etc.,–  these make up the range of solutions for the Industrial sector.


Industrial Fish Tape suitable for indoor installations in offices, shops, workshops and wharehouses where the conduit used has a samall diameter but with relatively long distances.

The great advantages of our wide range of cable cleaners and lubricants include optimising resources, extending the life of the fish tape, facilitating the sliding of the cables during laying work and reducing installation times.

For the removal of (old) cables. It eases the removal of cables already installed in trunking and pipes. It reduces friction and makes it possible to release trapped cables inside the pipe. Non-toxic, inert, non-flammable.

Accessories for Passing, Pulling, Joining and Repairing fish tape. The broad range of accessories for industrial Fish Tape are ideal for facilitating cable-laying in all types of installations. Tehy include leaders and aluminium roller guides for pushing cables (eyelets, hooking loops and shackles) and for pulling them, plus a whole range of fixed and swivel coupling joints and terminals to effectively repair split fish tape.

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