Universal Reel for Anguila fish tapes

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The ideal fish tape for building reforms

New universal reel for Anguila fish tapes. Anguila WINDER

Manufactured in ABS plastic material, they withstand maximum
impact resistance. They have a wide range of functional advantages
that make them the ideal complement to facilitate and speed up the
installer’s work and provide adequate protection for the Anguila fish
tapes and their accessories.
A well thought-out design allows two modes of use, freeing the
operator’s hands by placing the reel in a horizontal position on the
sole or hanging it by the carrying handle or holding it directly by hand.

Main features
> Fitted with grip and carrying handle
> Oversized inlet and outlet guides to reduce friction
> Compartment with a lid for accessories
> Translucent back cover with quick clip-on removal without tools
> Low friction, long-lasting metal axle
> Freely rotatable handle for easy winding of the fish tapes
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