Drum Stands and rollers

Coil stands. Manufactured in galvanised steel, they can grip and turn large-diameter and heavy coils thanks to their effective lifting system: mechanical or hydraulic.

Coil roller skids. Designed to facilitate the unwinding of large-diameter cable coils, their rugged construction, plus a wedge for facilitating coil placement, brake and transport grip, make them a very helpful and versatile accessory for the installer.

Rollers. Manufactured in anodised aluminium, they are particularly indicated for weights of no greater than 250 kg and coil widths of no more than 670 mm.

  • Coil stands: mechanical and hydraulic

Maximum Coil Ø of 900 to 1900 mm
Maximum weights of 750 to 1.600 kg per stand

  • Coil roller skids:

Maximum coil Ø of 400 to 1850 mm
Maximum weights of 1000 kg per skid

  • Rollers:

Maximum coil Ø of 200 to 700 mm
Maximum weights of 250 kg

  • Product Brand: Anguila
Drum Stands and rollers


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