Cable grips

Manufactured in galvanised steel flexible wire, they are the most effective tool for securing the cable or bundles of cable to the leader, so they can be pulled quickly and safely.

The grip acts like a clamp, distributing the stress all over the cable surface, protecting the conductor and the insulating coating.

Thanks to the design of the grips and the material’s memory effect, once the cable pulling or tightening operations have been concluded, they return to their original shape, making them a useful and very rugged and durable tool.

  • Type of grip: Closed with a loop and open with two sides
  • Ø Grip capacity for one cable or a bundle of cables:

6 mm household grips, (2 models)
15-20 mm a 80-100 mm closed and open industrial grips (6 models)

  • Grip length

Total: from 700 to 2.000 mm
Working: from 300 to 1.300 mm

  • Load

Working: from 750 to 3.000 Kg
Breaking: from 1.600 to 6.000 Kg

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