Coated Fibreglass

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The ideal fish tape for building reforms

Coated Fibreglass

Friction. These rods have great pushing strength, making them perfect against friction in straight sections. The 3-mm rod is more flexible and has less friction at bends. It is a fragile material with no memory effect.

Twisting strength. It is a very rigid material and perfectly transmits twisting strength along the entire length of the fish tape. It does not rotate on its own axis. We recommend increasing the diameter to the maximum for long distances and large pipes.

Pushing strength. It is the material with the greatest pushing strength because the rods are made of flexible fibreglass. If the pipe is large, we recommend the use of a large-diameter rod in order to avoid looping and kinking on the inside that could break the product.

  • Diameters (mm): 4 mm
  • Interchangeable terminals (m): 10 -15 – 20 – 30
  • Fixed terminals (m): 7 – 12 -14 -21 -22
  • Product Brands: Anguila y Anguila Max
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FIBREGLASS + POLYPROPYLENE (Interchangeable terminals)

FIBREGLASS + NYLON (Mixed terminals)